Beyond Alpha Centauri

The book’s about an outer space child and the childless couple who raised him.  Only they knew of the child’s strange arrival on Earth and his unearthly powers and abilities. Living in solitude made it easier for them to conceal that and for the boy to practice and develop those marvelous skills openly. The boy could tune in to mental waves in the entire area and knew if they were being observed.  Duggan never mentioned to his foster parents that he preferred living on earth rather than living on his world. He knew of its endless monotony, it’s eternally snow covered surface.  Earth and it’s gentle chime was more to his liking. Earth to him was like a giant playground, here he could give vent to his prodigious imagination unhampered. He had the “means” to create his unearthly toys and go where he wished along with his parents.  Neither by gesture nor words he let know, but he really enjoyed himself.  He was a child and got a real kick out of his exploits but with his customary deadpan. He knew that his people would someday take him away.  He knew too that his parents knew.  He could “read” their minds.  He didn’t distress them by mentioning it knowing the sorrow it caused them.